Saturday, October 06, 2007

Murphy's Law 10/06/07 16:54

R*ngers falling victim to a European hangover at the hands of Hibs doesn't bode well for Celtic's away fixture 'at' Gretna tomorrow, but taking the piss out of the forces of darkness is not the purpose of this post.

Maybe it's a luxury that can only be afforded to those laptop fans who follow a team who has won the league title 41 times (let's be honest, a Newcastle Utd would understandably fall short of such graciousness) but there would be something bitter sweet if Hibs were to win the title this year against a R*ngers team consisting of Steven Whittaker and Kevin Thomson*, and a Celtic squad that contains such ex-Hibbes as Scott Brown, Chris Killen, Gary Caldwell and that bloke who dishes out the orange slices at half time.

It's not going to happen this side of The Seahorses getting inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame, but I think it would be good for Scottish football if some team sometime could bite its thumb at Glasgow's Ugly Sisters.

*And don't forget Iain Murray, another former Hibbee turned R*nger who was banished to Nova Nova Scotia


Kevin Williamson said...

We can dream.

(My apologies (except not really, cos it was too good not to use) for having the same picture on ma blog this morning.)

A Happy Hibee.

timesnewroman said...

I was just thinking yesterday that it might be worth a bob or two on Hibs to win the title. At the end of the day though as good as it would be to break the old firm stranglehold, its not likely to happen when you look at their squad depth. We're really just into the season and Killie already can't put a bench of substitutes together!

Kevin Williamson said...

tnr - I had a punt on Hibs to win the league title at 200-1 just before the season kicked off. Its 25-1 now with Ladbrokes. Whilst its not the most probable of outcomes Hibs have stregth in depth, enough to cope with injuries and suspensions.

Our subs bench eclipses both sides of the OF (IMO). Zemmama and Morais - our two most creative attacking players were subs. As was O'Brien (Irish full international)

In addition there's Benji (Morrocan international is still doing Ramadan with Zemmama), Lewis Stevenson (Scotland Under 21 International and MotM in the CIS Cup Final), Dean Shiels (Northern Ireland international), Thierry Gatheussi (Portugese f-back) and Joneleit (classy German sweeper & Under 21 international on loan from Monaco) didnt even make it onto the pitch against Rangers. Everyone of them is a gem.

And if you think that lot are good you should see the teenagers kocking the first team door behind them like Darren McCormack, Keegan Ayre, Damon Gray, Ross Campbell, and Sean Lynch.

This is no threadbare Killie squad. Or Aberdeen or Dundee Utd for that matter who can a good eleven on the pitch but injuries and suspensions will decimate them as the season goes on.

Hibs have got quality cover for all ten outfield positions. (Back up goalie is a worry though)

No matter how much the OF try to buy Murphy or Zemmama in january transfer window, Hibs are debt free and unlikely to accept any OF bids mid season. The club found out last year that by hanging on to Scott Brown and Steven Whittaker not only did we win a trophy but their value went up by waiting to the end of May.

The Hibees are looking forward to a good season ahead of us. The only thing against Hibs in the run in may be the lack of experience dealing with the pressure at the top of the league.

Kevin Williamson said...

This is the proper way to play football against the Hun. Taking the piss until fouled. :-) Enjoy.

Darren said...


loved the You Tube clip.

Can't comment any more until I download the latest Scotsport. ;-)