Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spawny Feckin' Gets

What with an ex-Chelski player missing the vital penalty, I tempted to cry conspiracy but even I'm not that self-deluded. There's a reason Jody Morris's plying his trade in Perth rather than the Kings Road. And he proved it today at the most pivotal moment.

Mutu, don't fail me now.


gray said...

I must have been still sleepy after my siesta because I swear I heard the radio say Alan Johnstone was playing Rangers. Might have been a better result if that was the case, but then I am feeling sleepy and befuddle headed again. (Damn head cold.)

Darren said...

Well, it would explain his light blogging in recent days.

And it would explain the penalty miss right at the bastard end.

Reidski said...

Jammy gets indeed! But, still, extra half hour's football, two more players injured ... all adds up to good news for us.
As for Jody Morris - he's one of those players who, at the end of their playig days, will look himself in the mirror and say: "Well, I fucked that up, didn't I?" Seen him play for Millwall on a few occasions and there was never an occasion when he looked like a former FA Cup winner!

Darren said...

Thing is, does a Fiorentina result on Thursday benefit us or backfire on us for Sunday?