Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wannabe Music Blogger

Maybe it's time to drop the wannabe from my 'wannabe music blog' label?

The Fileden bandwidth was 'exceeded' about a week ago - not 100% sure, 'cos I never really keep track of these things - and the doors won't be open again until sometime next week. I'm kind of surprised because I'm pretty light on posting mp3s for sampling purposes,and 5GB seems a lot to be downloaded in the space of a few weeks when you're not even known as a music blog.

Coupled with that, I never did get in the door of the Hype Machine party, which would have guaranteed as a a given the bandwidth going through the roof. (Apparently you have turn up at the party with 75% of your posts being music related. I misunderstood the invitation, and thought it read 'monomania' rather than monomusic. It's an easy mistake to make in the circumstances.)

What next? Shifting focus to posting more mp3s or to draw back the musical drawbridge? It's a pain in the arse 'cos I did have some mixing pop and politics posts in the pipeline but I'm currently hampered with the bandwidth limitations.

What would X Moore have done?


Any major dude with half a heart said...

Oh, Hypem are an elitist outfit whose redesign last year made the whole enterprise as unattractive to visit as Nigel Lason's arseflaps.

Why do you stick with fileden? Try DivShare or ZShare or similar free services. DivShare links apparently never expire, and you get dashboard on which he you can access everything you've ever uploaded.

I quite like the new look, but somehow miss the cluttered old appearance.

Darren said...


I prefer the old cluttered appearance of the blog but I was having trouble with the archives section and I bit the bullet and used a generic blogger template.

Hopefully, I'll be able to incorporate some of the former features on the blog, but my technophobia may complicate matters.

I stick with Fileden simply 'cos it was the first one I came across. (Courtesy of the Vinyl Villain.)

Despite my ongoing conversation with myself about being a wannabe music blogger, I know that's just one of my attempted running gags. I'm far too much in the comfort zone of the in-jokes, mono-mania and then another dose of in-jokes to ever broaden the blog out to be something that appeals to anything more than a handful of people. I realised ages ago that the blog has become like an aide memoire for me. Now I can now what bad jokes and excellent music were consuming my being in April 2006 (it was the same bad jokes and excellent music that was consuming me in October 2007).

Getting back to the Fileden business, I'm just perplexed as to how the bandwidth has been exceeded this month despite the fact that I don't regularly post music, the blog isn't known as a music blog and I'm not turning up on the likes of Hype Machine. (I do occasionally pop on Elbo, so that might be it.)