Friday, April 25, 2008

The Fifth Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair

5th Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair
Saturday April 26

11:00 am–6:00 pm

Long Island University

Brooklyn Campus

Flatbush & DeKalb Avenues

Just a quick word to say that the World Socialist Party (US) will be doing a stall a tomorrow's Brooklyn Peace Fair.

The Fair is in its fifth year and it will be the third time that we have tabled at the event. There'll be lots of stalls, lots of meetings and lots of performers.

If you're in the neighbourhood, you should pop along, check it out and say hello.


stuart said...

Will the WSPUS be doing a stall here? If not, why not? What kind of revolutionaries are you?

Darren said...

I believe that Leamington Spa is ICC turf - Do they still have a discussion group in the Midlands - so we wouldn't want to encroach on their territory. (It's like a political version of The Godfather, but instead of "He sleeps with the fishes", it's more a case of 'He falls asleep reading a World Revolution editorial.')

I'm quietly impressed that Leamington Spa has had a Peace Fair for thirty years. Never would have guessed that in a month of Branch meetings.

Now, how do I go about retractively charging ex-members of Birmingham Branch for not doing a stall at past events?