Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cup Thai'd #2

  • Are Roma going to score or what?
  • Has Fergie's head exploded yet?
  • If that penalty had gone in, Roma would have gone on to win the game and the tie.
  • Fergie will be pissed that Rooney and Ronaldo will have to go on for the second half now.
  • Gary Neville will be pissed that he's not on for the second half.
  • Barnsley's beating Warford 1-0 at half time. Yep, of course he scored the goal. I'm guessing he wasn't giving it large during the goal celebration.
  • Cracking first half just finished. Can't wait for the second half. I guess I'll be getting my haircut tomorrow now.
  • What's with the plethora of English accents doing voiceovers on commercials on American TV? Not just talking about the geico gecko selling insurance. There's 'Lahndun' accents everywhere. Which focus group came to the conclusion that cockney accents denote trustworthiness? Terry Vanables is on the line. He would like to sell you a timeshare.
  • Second half's started. Squeaky bum time for the United faithful.
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