Sunday, April 27, 2008

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Still too emotionally spent from this morning's game to spout and spiel, so some blog post links in the meantime:

  • From Marx and Coca-Cola blog: Atheists in Foxholes
  • From the SPGB's election blog, Vaux Populi: The SPGB meets its natural constituency (and Lindsay German) at hustings in Southwark
  • Gutted that Mike Leigh's 'Happy-Go-Lucky' isn't being released in the States until the end of September. So, in the meantime, I'll just have to catch up on the reviews from the other side.
    Dreaming Neon Black blog carries a review which makes it sound like the cinematic equivalent of Style Council's 'Headstart For Happiness'. I love 'Headstart For Happiness' (both versions), whereas I'm guessing that Adam from DNB won't be selecting either version for his future appearance on Desert Island Discs.
  • From Ian Bone's blog (and his back cupboard/archive), THE POINTY HEADS…………; a celebrity anarchist death match between the Aufheben MPhils in the red corner and the Class War Wallahs from Bash Street Community College in the black corner

    Nope, I don't understand the article either but I'm hoping to draft in the FDTW mob to cut it up into digestable morsels for me.
  • I briefly mentioned JM's Marx and Coca-Cola blog above but that's only because I knew that I'd be linking to another one of his posts later on. I better promote his blog into the 'Friends and (Political) Family' sidebar before I get accused of being his East Coast stalker.
    'Randbots' is short hand for Libertarian Party members in the United States and, apparently, some of them have been known to say the darndest things. To misquote David Bowie, Scary fucking monsters (and super bastard creeps).

    stuart said...

    Sorry Darren, couldn't get past the first paragraph of that piece. Not interested in what Class War think of Aufheben, or vice versa. I already know that they both think themselves considerably more revolutionary than the other lot.

    Darren said...


    you were my last hope.

    Actually - I think - the article predates Aufheben, but Mr Bone was using them as a modern day example of that particular ultra-left phenemenon. Apparently there was a group/magazine called 'Here and Now' who had the same sort of rep as the Aufheben people.

    I understood that much of the article. After that it got a tad more wordy.

    Anonymous said...

    As always thanks for the love. I don't get that kind of attention from my West Coast stalkers. And did you really sell a paper to Che Guavera outside Target?