Sunday, April 06, 2008

"And Odejayi must score . . ."

  • Barnsley 0-1 Cardiff
  • A brilliant goal from Ledley that was worthy of winning any game but, for all that, I'm still a bit gutted that Barnsley came out losers in today's semi-final.

    Despite the fact that Cardiff - and Gavin Rae - had the most clear cut chances in the match, I still think that Barnsley shaded it on the day. Not only did the better team lose, but it's Barnsley who were more likely to turn over Portsmouth in the final. I hope Cardiff prove me wrong. I also hope that my gut instinct that Barnsley will be relegated following this defeat will also be proven wrong.

    Whatever happens, on today's performance, Jamal Campbell-Ryce will be moving onto better things and a fair few clubs must be queuing up for Barnsley skipper, Brian Howard, at the end of the season irrespective of whether or not Barnsley stay up. The bloke was pure class during the cup.

    The one upside of Cardiff getting to the final is that it's a football throwback. No, I'm not referring to 1927 and all that. I'm thinking more of the halycon days in the 70s and 80s when every team had a smattering of Scottish accents in the dressing room. With Rae, McNaughton and Thompson in the Cardiff squad, it's like an episode of Life On Mars set on grass.

    Piss off Pompey.

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