Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cup Thai'd #3

Free at last.

Christ, they've made hard work of it tonight. Tevez scores with a deft header after excellent build play with Hargreaves and then self-nominates himself for the crappiest DIY T Shirt message during a goal celebration?

What's that on his T Shirt? - apart from a pint of sweat, that is - Looked at the footage twice and I still can't make it out. Maybe he trying to advertsise this event? What is about Argentinian footballers and left wing politics? I bet Fergie has to drag Tevez out of the basement most Saturday mornings.


Highlander said...

Would you believe I tried to find a picture of his scribble to try to decipher it, Google threw up a couple of links, clicked on one without looking and it was The Sun - aaarrgghh! Still - Firefox promptly fell on its arse so at least my PC has its shit together even if the driver doesn't.

Darren said...

Until I have evidence to the contrary, I'm still insisting that he was advertising the SPGB's forthcoming Manchester day school.

This is what his T shirt should have said:

Manchester Branch School
Saturday 19 April, 1pm to 5pm

The Sick Society
Capitalism on The Couch
Speaker: Peter Rigg

Can Socialism Cure our Ills?
Speaker: Ed Blewitt

Friends Meeting House,
Mount Street,
City Centre
(next to Central Library and
Manchester Town Hall)

Maybe he'll take my advice next time and use a permanent marker pen to write the message.