Sunday, April 27, 2008

Heartache deferred


Kevin Williamson said...

Lots of excitement, goals, red card brandished, and a victory for the the second team to wear the green. A fine lunchtime's entertainment.

Darren said...

You forgot to mention the sour coupons of Ally McCoist and Walter Smith at the end of the game. Priceless. ;-)

At least Rangers didn't *symbolically* claim the title at Parkhead, and two wins in two weeks means that Celtic have once and for all got Walter Smith's monkey off their back. (I had to mention Ian Durrant on the blog sometime ;-)

But no way will they self-destruct. Might lose or draw the odd game but balls up the three games they have in hand over Celtic? No chance.

Kevin Williamson said...

Dont count on Hibs doing youse any favours at Easter Road next weekend. Mixu doesn't seem to have a clue what he's doing with the midfield. Which is why we'll probably get run over.

(I'd take Scott Brown, Kevin Thomson, Ivan Sproule and Mikey Stewart back tomorrow. Playing behind O'Connor, Riordan or Fletcher? In front of David Murphy, Gary Caldwell and Steven Whittaker? Oh the tears of what could have been....)

Darren said...

Yeah, but who would have been in goal in your dream team? A youthful Andy Goram?

I wonder what will happen to Riordan next season. he'd be off his nut to stay at Celtic a minute longer. Now that West Brom have all but been promoted to the EPL bar the shouting, I'm hoping that Mowbray takes him on.

What a waste of such a talent.