Saturday, April 05, 2008

I think it's time to auction the page off on eBay

I know, I'm wittering on about the unofficial Socialist Standard page on MySpace again.


robert said...

Effin 'eck! well done Comrade! Bloody marvellous achievement. Last time I looked, I thought you were a few weeks aways from the magic number!
You, quite simply, ROCK.
Yeah, why not.


gray said...

I must give up reading this blog. I swear I don't understand 95% of Darren's entries! Bands I never knew existed, left wing parties no-one knows exist, jokes (however ecologically recycled) I never get....

I want stuff I have a handle on. Like
how is sir's gorgeous wife and will he post pictures of their delightful Motherwell supporting Bairn. I mean Celtic supporting first born.

(yanking your chain of course. ;P)