Friday, April 25, 2008

Cuisine blog cooks up class struggle

Following on from previous mentions on the blog about the ongoing dispute between Wild Edibles and its current or ex-employees who have sought to assert their right to join a union, collectively bargain and seek payment of unpaid overtime comes the news that the dispute has been covered on the well known New York foodie blog,

In an article entitled 'Labor Woes: The Ongoing Saga of Wild Edibles', Adam Haas reports on yesterday's scenes at Wild Edibles Seafood Market Oyster Bar & Restaurant in Murray Hill, Manhattan, where "Protesters both for and against the company rallied . . . . to voice their concerns with the help of some colorful visual aids."

The blog piece even has pictures of the demo and counter-demo, but none of the pics on view were as colourful as this quote in the piece from a Matt Hovey, "If the workers want to join a union, it can be put to an up-down vote, but the Brandworkers' real agenda is simply to put Wild Edibles out of business and to end capitalism." [Emphasis in the original.]

The Zagat Survey says that that quotation earns a 15 for its economy with the truth; a 26 for service to the managements cause; and a 24 for its right-wing decor. On the whole, let's hope for an incredibly expensive experience for the bosses at Wild Edibles.

More info on this campaign and other campaigns at Brandworkers International.


libertyisfreedom said...

No stomach for the truth?

Darren said...

Bless - an anti-union troll.

Hope you're getting paid well. I couldn't stomach it myself.