Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Chance


Reidski said...

That one was only slightly better than the one I scored in five-a-sides tonight - a fucking cracker (mine, I mean)!

Do you, like me, think we can actually win the title? It would be funny!

Darren said...

Surely if you'd scored a goal as good as that one from Nakamura at five-a-sides it would have been disallowed for being over shoulder height?

No, I don't think we will win the title. But hopefully we can turn them over again on the 26th (not asking for another 93rd minute winner; that'd be greedy); Mutu can spank their arses to the same colours as the purple of Fiorentina's kit; and the Queen of the South can put six past McGregor come the Scottish Cup final.

See, Reidski, I'm being a realist. You're just away with the fairies. ;-)

Will said...

I met a lad who used to play for Queen of the South at a wedding reception.* Can't remember his name now.

*Queen of the South weren't playing at the wedding reception I hasten to add.