Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crisis Averted


Looks like the Celtic versus R*ngers has been pushed back to the Sunday. Brilliant news.

That means that I can have the combined experience of the cold shoulder from the Brooklyn peaceniks on the Saturday when they see the 'S' word plastered all across the stall and then, on the Sunday, the follow up of witnessing the ignominy of R*ngers cadging a jammy result at Parkhead whilst I'm sipping on a lukewarm coffee in a bar in Manhattan.

Throw in a weekender of listening to Leonard Cohen albums alternating with Red House Painters albums, and I'll come up smiling on Monday morning.

I'm the happiest SPGBer in New York. Gad-zooks, I'm the only living SPGBer in New York.


ajohnstone said...

But will you be happy after the game ....that's the BIG question

Darren said...

Aah, here comes the 'cold water brigade'.

When did you transfer to Glasgow Branch?

gray said...

ok, what are the odds on....

Chelski pulling a fast one on United?

Celtic pulling a fast one on Rangers?

Gillingham pulling errrm...well, avoiding relegation to League Two?

Danny Lambert getting 100+ votes in the GLA elections?

Reading the above making me pissed off at how shit life can be?

Darren said...

That was a good result for Chelski at Everton last night, and Man Utd do have to play Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park on Saturday before they face Chelski at Stamford Bridge. I have an uneasy feeling about this.

Hate Chelski to steal the title 'cos it would be theft pure and simple. They don't deserve it. Such a dull team to watch, and it doesn't help that they have wankers like Terry, Cole and Lampard in their ranks.

Watched a replay of the Celtic/R*ngers last night on the FSC. Wonderfully high tempo game, and Celtic fully deserved the victory. (The way Nakie's shot swerved past McGregor. Majestic.)

Despite that, I can't see R*ngers slipping up in two or more games. Celtic's left it too late, and they lost too many silly games. (Losing a two goal lead to Caley Thistle? You kidding me?)

Can't speculate on either the Gills or Danny's chances. Fingers crossed and all that jazz.

Reidski said...

Darren, I think you're weakening. Two or more games means simply that we beat them and they only manage a draw against the likes of Hibs or Aberdeen or Motherwell.
They are simply not going to win all their remaining games.

Kara said...

Funny how no one has noticed (or at least mentioned) that the kid in the picture is actually you. ;-)

Darren said...


I look thirty years younger since I moved to New York. It must be the clean air and the scientology courses.