Monday, April 21, 2008

Anorak with a detachable hood

If I ever come to resemble the person described in the blockquote below, you have my permission to stab me repeatedly with a sharpened drumstick.

Your final score was 141/180

Mix-Tape Master (109-144 points)

You are a music evangelist: the person in your network of friends who always has the coolest new song, the one whose iPod gets picked to DJ every party. You understand the art of the segue, how the key to the best mix-tape isn't just the songs you pick, but how they interlock with each other. You also know who the up-and-coming acts are and are quick to recognise where their influences lie and whether they will make it big. You work hard at the pursuit of this knowledge, scouring music blogs, magazines and record stores. Most importantly, you are generous with your passion – and your friends should be very, very grateful. Still, it’s always good to get new inspiration for your latest mix.

Quiz your musical intelligence.

Hat tip to Lisa at Rullsenberg Rules.

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