Thursday, April 17, 2008

S'not Fair

The bastard gods are conspiring against me.

Last night Celtic get a result against the forces of footballing darkness and now I'm succumbing to Reidski's patter about Celtic having a chance of snatching sweet victory from the jaws of rancid defeat. So what's my problem?

Only that Celtic are playing R*ngers again on the 26th when a victory for the Bhoys would really contribute to squeaky bum time for Wally and Ally's smarmy army.

And rather than me nursing a lukewarm coffee at nine in the morning in a 'oirish' bar in Manhattan - whilst watching the game through my fingers - on that day, I'll be getting my arse in gear for doing a stall for the WSPUS at this year's Brooklyn's Peace Fair. Surely there's something in the small print of the Faustian pact I signed with the SPGB/WSM all those years ago about a conflicting situation such as this?

What would Julius Martov* have done in the same circumstances?

* I'm pegging Martov as a Fenerbahçe fan. Makes sense, as they were formed the same year - 1907 - as yet another falling out between the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks. I bet Lenin was one of those politico wankers who would have argued that footie was a diversionary tactic from revolution. Yes, you know who you are.


gray said...

Go watch the footie Darren, if you really want to (without illusions...of a Celtic comeback so great the hooped side of Glasgow will write ballads that'll last 20 years hence!)

That's the joy of being in a party that doesn't have a CC telling you what to do and when! (The most grotesque I ever saw was an SWP type ordering - not asking nicely - a couple of teenage girl cadre to stand on a picket line, which I knew was policed by police dog handlers. Coppers are OK to an extent, but not them bastards with the dogs. That SWP type was of course a middle aged male.)

I suppose it would be cheeky to ask Kara to mind the stall for you for a few hours?

Darren said...

We've already stumped up for the stall, so it would be unfair leaving the comrades in the lurch. Especially as it was me that suggested that we attend the event in the first place.

It's not minding the stall as such, it's getting there early enough to both bag a decent spot and to set it up.

I might see if there is a bar close by in Brooklyn showing the game.

Reidski said...

Right, although I'm nuts, I'm not a nutter, if you know what I mean. But, come one, let's look at this and let's remind ourselves when we went to Seville. Three games left, five points clear ... and we fucked it right up cos our players were knacked.
Them ... still in Scottish Cup and UEFA Cup games to come. Keeper looking to be out for a few games. Centre back pairing out for a couple of games and the best of 'em out for the next game against our lot. Them having most of their games to play away - including us and the Hibbees. Them having lots more fixtures than those they are playing against. All equals ..... us winning the title.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one .....

Darren said...

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one ....."

Yeah, you and Dominik Diamond. That's it.