Friday, March 28, 2008

What would Terry and Bob do? (this time)

Bastards. The horn of a dilemma.

Celtic are scheduled to lose to R*ngers tomorrow morning, thus losing the SPL title in all but name, and I was contemplating making the trip through to Manhattan to experience the misery first hand via a Setanta big screen.

But now I've discovered that the Fox Soccer Channel have plans to replay the game in its entirety on Sunday evening 7pm (ET). Could I really go 30 hours without knowing the result? Do I really want to put myself through that much potential pain, when the real pain with regards to Celtic is watching them fuck it up live via satellite?

On the other hand, do I really want to have the same experience as last time of some Irish bloke screaming in my ear for about hour about what a shower of orange c*nts the Rangers players are? (Trust me, it loses it comedic charm after about 37 minutes.)

I need to think about this one.


ajohnstone said...

Support another team ;-p

Anonymous said...

Aye. Like me: I inherited support for my grannie's side [she was a season-ticket-holder back in the 50s], East Stirlingshire......

Darren said...


until you come clean about which team you support - who is it this week: Ferranti Thistle? - I'll have to politely turned down your suggestions.


East Stirlingshire? My condolences.

I am thinking lending my allegiance to this team in the coming months. I've not decided yet. I think I might have issues with their colours.

ajohnstone said...

Do Berwick R*ngers or Queens Park R*ngers and the Texas R*ngers and the Lone R*nger also deserve to have the asteresk :-D

Darren said...

Hey, I want to avoid the google alert crowd. ;-)