Friday, March 14, 2008

Gone Fishing

Back blogging in a couple of days. Have a look through the programme of this year's Left Forum and tell me what meetings I should have gone to. I'll tell you next week which ones I did attend.


Reidski said...

Don't go anywhere near any of that '68 commemoration bollocks. Fucking winds me up every time I go into the British Library - which is quite often as I work nearby and usually have my lunch there - and see that stupid '68 exhibition. Nothing happened in '68 other than a bit of a sit-in at a student union. Ok, maybe the French workers did take to the streets in Paris, but, for fuck sake, the French state was NOT rocked to its foundations.

Err, do you think I should get my coat?

ajohnstone said...

rztkfmYou'll go for the jokes ..political satire in the serious world meeting and sit with straight face not once chuckling , saying how vic vanni is funnier on the platform .

And you'll do literature and politics and name - drop on the books you read that were featured .