Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mea Culprit

Hands up time.

Despite my best intentions, the last post was a bit of a garbled mess. So, for clarifications purposes:

  • Matt Gonzalez was a 15 minute darling of the left a few years back for fighting the close run campaign for the Mayoralty of San Francisco. He came within 14,000 votes of winning for the Green Party. He would have been the first left of the Democrats Mayor of a major American city for a generation . . . and then some.
  • He was in a rock band, who named themselves after John Heartfield. A homage of sorts, and it doesn't mean that he was playing bass in a band fronted by some bloke called John Heartfield. Sir, I've listened to Lloyd Cole albums. I attended the same college as Lloyd Cole (he dropped out after a week.) John Heartfield was no Lloyd Cole.
  • If only my posts were as canny as my post titles.
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