Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday should be a day of rest.

I guess I should take my eye off the MySpace Socialist Standard page more often.

836 views in one day? Bit of a shock when I got back from the Left Forum last night to see the stats staring back at me. And all I did yesterday morning before going into Manhattan was repost the transcript of the 'What Marx Should Have Said To Kropotkin' talk.

Love to claim it was an indication that the thin red line is finally breaking out in a viral like fashion on the net. In all likelihood, what really happened is that an old gnarly SPGBer has finally gone online and discovered the page.

Take it easy, comrade. Space your impossibilism out. 800 views and 600 articles over the course of 12-16 hours adds up to a hell of a lot of carpal tunnel syndrome and a bad case of 'final paragraph syndrome'.*

*My best jokes are SPGB in-jokes.


stuart said...

Only when a majority of the workers of the world come to an understanding of their class position and democratically seize the means of production are they likely to get that joke. Speed the day.

Darren said...

So you're basically saying that it's only when we get socialism that people will actually find me funny?

Shit, I guess Paddy was sort of right after all.

Highlander said...

Enjoyed the Marx-Kropotkin article immensely but the nit-picky, hair-splitting of both factions doesn't half get on my tits after a bit. Libertarian, Socialist, Anarchist, Communist, Ta-may-toe, Toe-mah-toe, Lets call the whole thing off....

stuart said...

Someone (I forget who) called the "last paragraph" tendency of socialist and leftist writers "bringing an article to rest in the promised land". I like that.

Darren said...


". . . but the nit-picky, hair-splitting of both factions doesn't half get on my tits after a bit."

You lot started it. Nah Nah. ;-)

I attended an interesting meeting at the Left Forum on Sunday on the question of synthesising the Marxist and Anarchist tradition and which was organised by the Anarchist Studies Network. (Basically British based Anarchist academics.)

I made some notes at the meeting, and if I get my arse in gear I might try and write them up for the blog . . . just don't hold your breath waiting for the post to arrive any time soon. ;-)


When you put the matter of the 'final paragraph' like that, then of course it comes across as all cuddly, warm and poetic.

Only problem is that when you read that 'final paragraph' again and again down the years it's akin to falling out of love with that song that when you first heard it, you immediately had to play over and over again because you got such a rush from it . . . and then six months later you're sticking blunt pencils in your ears when it comes on the radio.

*Disclaimer time*

Btw, I'm not having a pop at those comrades who write articles and book reviews. You have both my admiration and my envy. The few times I've ever attempted to write a serious article or book review it has come across as nothing more than a series of 'final paragraphs'. ;-)