Sunday, March 09, 2008

Thank You Wiki (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)*

Never knew that. Procrastination sometimes has its own rewards.

Turns out that the bloke who produced the first two Duran Duran albums, Colin Thurston, also produced the following seminal records:

  • Human League's 'Reproduction'
  • Magazine's 'Secondhand Daylight'
  • Our Daughter's Wedding 'Digital Cowboy'
  • Talk Talk's 'The Party's Over'
  • KajaGooGoo's 'White Feathers'
  • Well, seminal records for me, I mean.

    And people still insist on sneering at Duran Duran after all these years. Dismissing them as being nothing more than vacuous pretty boys. Pop culture harbingers of Thatcherism.

    "Pretty boys"? Have you ever seen John Taylor in his natural light? Fulham's Jimmy Bullard scrubs up better. If it weren't for the tunes and Simon Le Bon's Sondheim-like lyrics, Nick Rhodes would still be second assistant at the bovril stand at the Holte End to this day.

    *With regards to the title of the post; Yeah I know that Colin Thurston didn't produce that particular classic Magazine track, but the song was ringing through my ears whilst spewing out this post.


    Highlander said...

    Darren, got your comment and filled out The Dancing Did post a bit in the comments. I had previously posted a few singles but I took them down when Cherry Red did the CD reissue as I don't like to tread on their toes. But if you look here and here then you may, or may not of course, be pleasantly surprised. ;)

    Highlander said...

    Meant to say Finish The Story post - bugger.

    Darren said...

    Cut and pasted from elsewhere as I'm a lazy git.


    cheers for the background info. I'll definitely check them out via the MySpace page.

    There was me that always kidded myself on all these years that I could straddle the two horses of pop music and the indie/obscure stuff but since discovering the joys of music blogs such as Mutant Sounds, Phoenix Hairpins, Annie's Animal and Cactus Mouth Informer, I realise that I didn't have a bloody clue.

    Knowing about the existence of Crispy Ambulance doesn't have the muso-cache that it once did. ;-)