Monday, March 24, 2008

(Insert question mark)

Since when has Everything But The Girl become everyone's favourite band from the last century?


Phil BC said...

And who has been lauding EBTG, and are these people doing the praises getting all starry eyed by the YCL/indie EBTG or the club friendly mid 90s version?

Missing, btw, may well be seen as their master werke but I much preferred Wrong. How about you?

Darren said...

I get the impression it is very much the indie EBTG - and the Cherry Red/Marine Girls offshoots - that's getting the nod. (I don't think the YCL connection comes into it.)

And that's from a series of music blogs whose taste I usually find to be impeccable. Not get anything against EBTG per se but I never pegged them as a band to be lauded and celebrated 20 years after the fact.

'Missing' and 'Wrong'? If I'm honest I preferred that Rod Stewart cover that they did a few years before they bought a Casio from a Freemans catalogue.

That's my rave cred gone out the window.

Reidski said...

If we're talking YCL-friendly bands/singers, then you can't get better than Shakin Stevens - used to do the YCL benefit circuit in Wales. What a fuckin coolster!

And, btw, on the EBTG front, you're just pissed off cos they didn't sign up to any SPGB gigs - oh, yes, that's cos you never put any on!

Darren said...


I thought you were strictly a CPB man. I must have got you all wrong.

Anyway you lose kudos for mentioning Shakey over Scritti . . . Politti.

SPGB and popular music? Well, any regular reader of this blog will already know that the last album reviewed in the Socialist Standard was 'Our Favourite Shop' by the Style Council!!!!

*hangs head in shame*

PS - It's meetings we didn't put on. SPGB gigs used to fill up half an NME back in the day.

Any major dude with half a heart said...

EBTG deserve big props for their utterly wonderful [i]Idlewild[/i] album of 1988. But a favourite act of the '90s? Fuck off! Surely Dexys deserve that label much more.