Saturday, March 15, 2008

"The revolution is just a T shirt (and a panel discussion) away."

Back from The Cooper Union

Just a quick post to mention that I attended the following meetings at the Left Forum today:

  • It's official: We're up shit creek.
  • Frank Lampard is an overrated Tory bastard.
  • That wanker, Karl Kautsky, broke Little Lenny's heart.
  • What's so funny about peace, love and revolutionary socialism?
  • I may have half-remembered the titles of some of the meetings, but I'm sure that you get the gist. Hopefully, I'll write a bit more about the event . . . erm, after the event. Or at least, I'll get the titles of the meetings right if nothing else.

    At the moment, these are the meetings that I fancy attending tomorrow:

  • Waiting for the working class to turn up . . . again.
  • "Concentrate, you bastard. CONCENTRATE!"
  • Selling your back issues of 'Subversion' on eBay
  • Anybody spot the deliberate reference to Gregory's Girl? Speak to you soon. Just popping out for a loaf of bread.

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