Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No Hiding Place

The Scotland-Croatia game is currently being shown on the Fox Soccer Channel. Yep, the entire game. Don't believe me? Just spotted Bilic on the touchline. From the neck down, he looks like a suave and debonair Euro-chic man about town. From the neck up, with that daft hat on his head, he looks like me when I nip out in the morning for a carton of milk and some dog food.

Fuck sake, Gordon's just this second made an arse of himself with the Kranjcar goal. The tv director must be a close family friend of the Gordon family 'cos he's decided to show at least 10 different camera angles of the goal to try and manufacture the illusion that there was some sort of deflection that caused Gordon to be wrong-footed. He'll be showing Zapruder footage in a second to suggest that the ball caught a divot on the grassy knoll. Truth is that Gordon has brought his current form north of the border with him from the Stadium of Light.

When I discovered that they were going to show the entire game on the telly, I was sorely tempted to do a 'Likely Lads' and avoid finding out the result and then sit down and watch the game tonight as if I was watching it live. Maybe even do a bit of pseudo live blogging. But I'm glad I didn't now. Watching Scotland is always a pain rather than a pleasure, and that goal that was just scored would have resulted in the dog getting a swift kick to the vitals.

And, anyway, live blogging footie is a myth anyway. Last time I tried it, the actual writing of the post took about three days to write.

Oh, Miller's just scored. Now that's what I call a deflected goal. And Miller will have a cheek to claim it.

Back to the game. No more goals coming so I don't have to have a panic attack anytime Croatia crosses the halfway line. Just as I like it when watching Scotland . . . and Celtic.

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