Thursday, March 27, 2008

Love on the Run (1936)


stuart said...

Joan Crawford. Impossible to see the name now without thinking of "The Worst Job I Ever Had". They ruined Moonlight Sonata for me too.

Reidski said...

Sorry to sound like a nerdy tosser, but that worst job i ever had sketch was Jayne Mansfield.
Anyway, why have you put that poster on your blog, Darren?
Oh, and I should have passed comment on your football stuff during the week. Yes, weird that how all those huns got injured for that Scotland game but that they'll be ok for tomorrow.
I think we'll get beat tomorrow.

Darren said...


apologies for my ignorance of the comedy classics but I had to google search your comment to get the reference.

I have to bone up on my Derek and Clive/Pete and Dud. (No single entendre intended.)


What's with the piccie?

Just that I watched the film and wanted to make some record of it.

Yeah, I know that further confirms my sad bastard anorak status but I see the blog as much as a 'what I was watching/listening to/ranting about on this day in history as anything else. (Know that if I kept a diary I wouldn't update it, so I just dump everything on the blog, which also ensures that the blog keeps ticking over.)

The bits and bobs from the blog will also be of a great assistance to my future biographer. I was going to grant the gig to Albert Goldman - thought he'd portray me in a good light - until I discovered that he died about 12 years ago. What sort of excuse is that?

Darren said...


What about the film itself? Fair to middling stuff, but for some reason I don't have issues with watching Hollywood films that aren't necessarily that great from the 30s. It's probably my favourite period for old films.

And I've probably got my chronology arse over tit but I'm guessing that the film was cashing in on Clark Gable's success in Capra's 'It Happened One Night'.

When it comes to actresses from that period, Joan Crawford has never been one of my favourites. (I much prefer Stanwyck, Blondell and Jean Arthur, etc). I don't think she's that adept at doing the screwball comedy of this type of film, but I'm happy to be corrected at a later date if I see anything else she's done that proves me wrong.