Monday, March 17, 2008

"Um, I think the old country is that way."

I've got the surname, the colouring and even the Microdisney mp3s but, for all that, I couldn't bring myself to do the plastic paddy bit today.

Maybe I'm off the Murphys, or maybe it's due to the fact that for 364 days of the year my accent is mistaken for Irish in a country where 91% of the population claims Irish ancestry.

Whatever the reason: March 17th is my day for remaining sober, stumm and sarcastic. Have an appropriate mp3 to sample:

  • Eric Bogle - 'Plastic Paddy' mp3
  • More info on the brilliant Mr Bogle here.

    Sláinte Pog ma thon.


    gray said...

    there seems to have been alot of confusion about St.Paddy's this year.

    I heard the day was actually on March 15, in order to avoid the Easter "Holy Monday" (and week). I suppose it depends on how Catholic you are! (Furthermore, it's the first time since 1940 that this has happened, since the date of Easter varies according to a certain lunar event.)

    Darren said...

    I mentioned to Kara last night that historically in Britain part of the anti-Irish feeling in Britain fed off this stereotype of the Irish as a shower of alkies.

    Fast forward to the Celtic Tiger economy and everybody loves the Irish 'cos they love the Craic, and in New York the centrepoint of celebrating St Patrick's Day is getting paralytic whilst wearing wearing green. ;-)