Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Spector of Left-Wing Reformism

Sounds as depressing as f*&% to me, but someone reading the blog might want to pencil the date in their diary:

"Stop the War Coalition is asking as many people as possible to help create a wall of sound to accompany Tony Blair as he gives a lecture on Faith and Globalisation at Westminster Cathedral in London on Thursday 3 April."

AKA as the long and winding road.

I think some people have taken the '68 fortieth anniversary zeitgeist thing in the wrong direction.

Hat tip to Rob S in Norway.


Highlander said...

"...Tony Blair as he gives a lecture on Faith and Globalisation..." - nasty, sends shivers down the spine in a 'someone walked over my grave' kind of way.

Darren said...

Got a feeling that we'll be seeing a lot more of Blair in the States in the next couple of years.

Not just the Yake gig that he recently picked up, but because his standing in the States is still up there amongst the media and the political classes.

Glad handed, lauded and trousering hefty cheques for 45 minute speeches up and down the States is not a bad gig when you think about it.