Sunday, March 09, 2008

Want a real post? Not a prayer.

First single I ever bought. The song still holds up after all these years.

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    Phil BC said...

    Indeed. Duran Duran were much more than just a pretty boy band.

    You might be interested to know the first single I ever bought was Spitting Image's Chicken Song. Truly a timeless classic. It was also the first song I learned all the words to, at the tender age of seven :)

    Darren said...

    Hi Phil,

    Not just past tense. Their latest album, 'Red Carpet Massacre', which was released late last year, actually holds up pretty well.

    With regards to your first single purchase, yoou should have bullshitted me (and yourself) that you really bought it for the anti-apartheid politics of the B-side, 'I've Never Met a Nice South African'. ;-)

    Tempted to say that, as evidenced by your music choices on your blog, your taste in music has since went downhill but, as it's a blog, thought I'd write that dig instead. ;-)

    Phil BC said...

    Sadly there were no politics behind my decision. It was because my parents let me watch Spitting Image, and I thought the song was funny.

    Anyway comrade, when I am the commissar for ideological purity I will hunt you down and have you recant under pain of exposure to Classic Rave Anthems, volumes one and two. If that doesn't cure you of your impossiblism, I don't know what will.

    Darren said...


    Good luck with the ideological purity gig, but I have to tell you now that you'll be onto a hiding to nothing.

    In recent weeks, my musical tastes have been stretching to mid eighties jingly jangly twee pop one minute to mid seventies power pop/pub rock but, however much I try, I can't bring myself to listen to late eighties, early nineties rave . . . classic or otherwise.

    I can't explain why.

    JC said...

    Yer a mere youngster.....

    First record I bought was 'Rock'n'Roll' by Gary Glitter....