Wednesday, November 15, 2006

MEMOIRS: 1981. The Jam, Seething Wells, Chris Dean, 'A Bang & A Wimpy' . . . and a cameo from Paul Weller's dad

Attila the Stockbroker - for the unitiated, think Eminem in an old style Tesco plastic bag tunic - is currently serialising his memories, libels and anecdotes in a punk and dole style for the greatest year in the history of music - 1981 - on Myspace. The latest post chronicles touring with Patrik Fitzgerald, two in a bed with Seething Wells* and exchanging small talk with Paul Weller's dad.

Attila's blog is worth a bookmark on anyone's desktop.


I actually had the Cherry Red compilation, 'Pillows and Prayers', that Attila mentions in his post, on vinyl many, many years ago. I seem to remember that the Monochrome Set track was the highlight of the album.

*Steven Wells - Punk Poet, NME journalist and SWP hack. The original Lenny.


John said...

Was Wells an SWP hack? I never knew that. He always seemed such a nice bloke.

Darren said...

I remember him banging on about the SWP in every article he wrote for the NME, when I was reading it in the late eighties. (I always more of a Record Mirror type).

Last time I saw his name before Attila's musings was in connection with an article he wrote for the Guardian on Leeds Utd late last year some time.

John said...

I think he lives in the States now, with you. He's a sports writer or something like that. Ot maybe I just dreamt it.

John said...
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John said...

Philadelphia. You're safe.

Looks like he hasn't changed much.

Darren said...

Pure Lenny.

Richard S. said...

I've got "Pillows and Prayers" on vinyl too (though it's pretty much unplayable after 25 years). And, yes, the Monochrome Set song is the best thing on that.

Reidski said...

Yes, he writes about US sports - but the two, almost identical, articles of his I read over the last year or two were more about violence at US sports events rather about sport itself.

He, of course, is a trotskyist twat, whereas Attila is a nice cuddly commie.