Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sid Waddell says 180

The start of what I hope will be an ongoing series.

For about six months back in 1982, Jocky Wilson was my sporting hero. And, yes, Darts is a sport. They've been known to wear sweatbands, and darts players discovered the necessity of regular re-hydrating during the course of a match when the likes of Jim Blyth and Mick Coop were still sucking on a slice of orange at half time.

If you're so inclined you can check out this interview with Jocky that dates from 2001. I must warn you that it is rather sad.


Will said...

Excellent article that. Great stuff.


Darren said...

You sarky git.

Darren said...


I'm suffering from bloggers block at the mo'.

Treat my kindly.

Darren said...

Oh, wait up, you were referring to the Jocky Wilson interview.

Sorry, my brain's in neutral today.

Will said...

You stupid fuck.

Aye -- the Wilson piece. Great stuff. Worth the entrance fee alone.

Darren said...

In a just world, I would have the key to your swearbox.

Will said...

In a just world I would have a key to your sectariana box.

Reidski said...

Not had a chance to read the Jocky interview, but I can imagine. I love darts - watched a brilliant Premier League final on Monday night. There simply has been no better darts player than Phil Taylor ever!

Darren said...

Whatever happened to Cliff Lazerenko? He was a fine figure of a man. Or Dave Whitcombe? He had that air of danger to him where you knew it could kick off at any moment. ;-) And when people mention a fat Swedish sports star, I don't think of Tomas Brolin, I think of Stefan Lord.

Quick, I better stick on Pelican West before my Proustian moment wears off.

Jim B said...

Who would have thought you and reidski would both be into darts? He used to paly you know. Won't say who for though, he might kill me.

timesnewroman said...

the previous comment was my alter ego.

Darren said...

"Won't say who for though, he might kill me."

He might kill you? That can only mean two possibilities, but I was unaware that either Glasgow R*ngers or the Socialist Workers Party had a darts team.

I was under the impression that any person associated were either grouping were not to be trusted with sharp and pointy objects.

Reidski said...

The M*****c C**b in my home town ... I kid you fucking not!

And let me just say - I was never a member and I always left before the final ditty of the evening!

Darren said...

"The M*****c C**b in my home town"

The Mollusc Crab? Why so shy? That was one of my seafood restaurant chains back in Britain. I always used to order the deep fried scampi with the fried mars bar as a side dish.

Nothing comes close in the States. Not even the Red Lobster chain.

"and I always left before the final ditty of the evening!"

Aye, sea shanties can get a bit grating after a while.