Monday, October 02, 2006

Jock Tamson's Tommy Sheridan's Bairns Will Soon Be Orphaned

I had no idea that Terry Gilliam concerned himself with the minutiae of far-left politics in Scotland, but if that what it takes to get him back to his roots of Monty Python madcap animation then fair play to him. And if it delays him making another film with Robin Williams, all the better.

If only this wee short film* 'celebrating' Alice Sheridan's rendition of the 'Impossible Dream' was all that Tommy Sheridan had to concern himself with, but anyone who has seen the front page from yesterday's News of the World will realise that the political game is all but up for him. To be honest, I'm surprised by the timing, as I thought that Sheridan's lies would unravel either immediately after he won the court case against the News of the World, or some time in the distant future. However, it appears that Sheridan trousering thirty grand from the Daily Record to denounce former colleagues as "scabs" was one act of chutzpah too much for one former close political ally and personal friend.

Whatever one thinks of the decision taken by George McNeilage, to first secretly record the meeting between Sheridan and himself - apparently to show to other SSP members in the Pollok area - but then to pass on a copy of the videotape to the News of the World, it has to be accepted that it is now in the public domain. McNeilage maintains that the tape was available to anyone in the news media, and that he didn't get paid by News International for the tape. He also states that his action in going to the paper was prompted by Sheridan denouncing those colleagues called to testify against him in a court case - that they advised him against, but which he pursued nonetheless - as "scabs". It's been a murky business all round but from reading the transcript of the meeting, I think it does provide conclusive proof - if any more was needed after this - that Sheridan's hubris has got the better of him. That he continues to try and front the matter out is by the by. It's all starting to unravel, and the rats in the shape of the Socialist Worker and CWI Platforms, who originally joined HMS Sheridan, are probably already preparing their exit strategy.

Maybe I'm premature in blogging Sheridan's political obituary, but I can't see any way in which he can wriggle out of this one. This whole business really has entered the realms of fiction, and the only matter up for debate now is whether or not his close political and personal ally, Peter Mullan, will accept a call from casting if and when Channel 5 get in touch with their plans for the TV Movie of the week, factionalising the event. I think they've probably already pencilled in Ashley Jensen for the role of Gail Sheridan, and now they just have to ascertain - for insurance purposes - whether Peter can swim or not, for that closing scene in the film where Gail throws Tommy into the Clyde.


ajohnstone said...

Some ex-SSP now Solidarity SSM are so much in denial that i doubt whether actual video of Sheridan with his troosers doon would change their adherence to him , but on a purely personal side , Gail Sheridan ( the next Scottish Hilary Clinton ?)is up to her armpits in the cover-up or contrary to her street-wise image , she is the proverbial wee wifey at home with a hubby that she can see do no wrong .

voltaires_priest said...

I pretty much agree with your conclusions Darren - although, according to one of my commenters, holding that view makes me (and presumably therefore you) a "scab". Such is the stuff of cultism - I think some of them would deny it if they saw Tommy up to no good in person, let alone on tape.