Sunday, February 24, 2008

That'll Do

The worst haircut in football outside of the Argentinian Primera División wins the cup for Spurs.

First time since 2004 that a team outside of the 'Big Four' have won a domestic trophy.

The Gasheads for the FA Cup.


JC said...

Its a sad state of affairs when we're reduced to supporting Spurs......

I just couldn't get into the game at all.

Darren said...

Bastards didn't have it on the TV over here, so I had to settle for following the game via the BBC Sports website. (I'm sad like that.)

At the moment, I don't mind Spurs that much. Put it down to their lack of success in recent years coupled with the sublime skills of Berbatov. It means that I don't find them so objectionable at the moment.

I'm sure if they started winning stuff again on regular basis, they's start to irritate me again.

And I actually feel a wee bit sorry for your average Spurs fan.

Not because of Arsenal dominance these past 15 years. And not even because they can longer fall back on the saving grace of being the cultured footballers versus the boring boring Arsenal schtick. That self-deluding excuse evaporated the minute Arsene Wenger walked into Highbury all those years ago.

No, I feel sorry for them because of Aaron Lennon. He must qualify as the most exasperating footballer in the top tier at the moment.

If I was a Spurs fan and I had to watch Lennon week in, week out, I'd be bald within a week. He's just one of those players who make you want to tear your hair out.

He pisses so much Spurs possession up the wall, that I think his pay cheque comes courtesy of the Emirates Stadium.

You can be the fastest footballer in the world, but if you do sod all with it: what's the point?