Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mixing Pop and Politics (4)

Obscure Factoid of the Day

Leading SWP apparatchik, Chris Nineham, was the one time drummer of Twee indie-popsters, The June Brides. (That's Chris on the ultra-left in the picture.)

Further Links:

  • MySpace page for The June Brides.
  • [To impress Kara.] An article from the Guardian from a few years back where Dave Eggers declares his long-term love for The June Brides.

    Highlander said...

    Or "Mixing Indie and Life Insurance" - the drummer from Josef K sold my wife and I Life Insurance (I think it was) when we lived in our flat in Edinburgh - can't remember his name but had a good chat.

    Darren said...

    Nah, I'd suggest that you title it "Mixing Post-Punk and Life Insurance". I'm sure you'll have more legs for that series of posts.