Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Two Souls of Glasgow

A quote from Lionel Messi from earlier this season:

“It’s incredible,” Messi told the Spanish newspaper, Sport. “Rangers didn’t want to play football. They practised antifootball from the first minute and it’s a shame we couldn’t take victory because we created a good number of chances. We just didn’t put them away. I think that when they come to the Nou Camp everything is going to be very different.

“We need to find a solution for breaking down a team who close down so much, but I don’t believe we will come across many teams who play this way.”

[From the London Times.]

Celtic go down fighting against Barcelona. Yep, they were dominated and the better team won and all that jazz but at least they gave it a go and they'll do the same at the Nou Camp in the return leg. And I did love Red Robbo's stop-start looping header.

And hit tip to the Scottish Patient for correctly predicting the scoreline . . . sort of.

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Reidski said...

I also liked Robbo's (is that what we call him, btw?) header, but I wasn't impressed by the way he played - very nervous looking, particularly in the first half.
But, yes, what an exhibition of class football Barca put on. Certainly didn't mind getting beat by a team like that. And also liked that fact that the boos from some of the Celtic fans which were ringing out when Ronaldinho was substituted was very quickly drowned out by the applause. Good to think that, just sometimes, our fans do recognise class from opponents!