Thursday, February 14, 2008

Found! The Cult of the Personality Within the SPGB

I'll only ask you once more

You only want to believe

This man is looking for someone to hold him down

He doesn't quite ever understand the meaning

Never heard about, can't think about

Jack Fitzgerald and Moses Baritiz,

Tony Turner, Steve Coleman.

Ted Wilmott, Charlie Lestor, Alex Anderson and cde Hardy

[Apologies to Kevin Rowland]

*Sigh* Apparently there's a cult of personality within the SPGB.

Funny thing is that in recent years, if anything, there has been a move away from certain members being put on a pedestal. Attribute that to the SPGB being smaller, the decline of the outdoor platform and the lack of public meetings and debates in recent years. Sadly the decline in the Party's fortunes and activity has also contributed to a climate whereby members tie themselves in knots and turn in on themselves.

Welcome to the 1950s. Where did I put that music blog?

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