Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Street Fighting Men

The revolution has been put back three weeks. Billy and Tom Morello have to work on their backhands:

"The night before in the hotel bar, Tom Morello had issued a challenge to all the bands to take part in a ping-pong tournament on Rage Against the Machine’s travelling table. The Big Day Out Invitation Tourney took place backstage during the afternoon.

"Having defeated Adam from Silverchair, I was knocked out in the semi-finals by Win Butler, lanky lead singer of the Arcade Fire. His final match against Zac de la Rocha of Rage was a thriller. As the light faded, the wind was getting up and playing havoc with the finer parts of each players style. Zac won the first game and for a while, it looked as if Win might pull level and take it to game three, but he went down fighting 21-18."

*Still looking for a jpeg of Billy's table tennis bat - with the words "This bat kills fascists" etched on the handle - to accompany the post.*

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