Thursday, February 14, 2008

" . . . clichés are there for a reason"

I hope the moderator is on time and a half for moderating the cruel but very, very funny comments to this blog post from Guardian Travel.

Hat tip to Ian Bone. The bloke can sniff out nepotism at 400 paces.


ajohnstone said...

all i say is that these young Guardian gap-year puppies should think of us 50plus-somethings giving up our jobs , selling up our houses and re-continuing the disrupted hippy trails of our youth ;-p

Mailstrom will be blogging from Kerala in a few months time ...or perhaps Goa ...maybe Katmandu...who knows where , perhaps the Socialist Standard might carry the blog in its up and coming travel section .

You can begin with Tales From the Dark Side of Brooklyn

Darren said...

Tales From the Dark Side?

I thought that was splitcom.

Going halfway around the world? The things some comrades will do to get out of there moderating duties. ;-)

Reidski said...

so good that someone found the link to his relative working there - sums up the Guardian 100%!

Darren said...

The fallout has restored my faith in the Guardian readership. ;-)

JC said...

Priceless. I've passed it on to a few folk who, like me, will spend a couple of hours pissing themselves laughing.

You just could not make this up....