Friday, February 22, 2008


David Moyes gets all lyrical when singing the praises of last night's hat-trick hero Yakubu Ayegbeni:

""the way he sent their two for a pie and a Bovril was terrific," said Moyes of the striker's turn inside two Brann defenders . . . " [Everton 6 Brann Bergen 1]

Chic Charnley was unavailable for comment.


JC said...

I'd be pleasantly surprised if anything as humble as a pie and a bovril was available at any Premiership ground.

Now come over to the San Starko in Kirkcaldy - get scalded by the beef-flavoured drink and get the boak from a cold and under-cooked concoction of mutton(?) and pastry.

I've always mean to you watch any live sports over your way (please don't be a Yankee.....)

Darren said...

To my shame - and poverty? - I'm not caught the live sports bug since I've been in the States.

TBH, I can't get into baseball at all. I can't work out why baseball makes for the best Sports films - Bull Durham; Field of Dreams; Fever Pitch; Eight Men Out; The Natural etc etc - but is such an unexciting game to watch when they're playing it for real.

With regards to American Football, like most people in Britain, I had my brief fascination with it when Channel 4 covered it back in the eighties but since then it's just not grabbed me.

Granted the drama of the last minutes of the Giants/Patriots Superbowl was amazing, but I still got more excited when Howard scored that injury time winner for Barnsley last weeked.

Basketball? Of all the main American sports, this would probably be the one that I would get into the most deeply and I'd love to check out a live game at some point, but unfortunately the local team, the NY Knicks, just come across as a tad sleazy (and crap) in my limited knowledge of the game.

If anything, I should check out this team to see what they're like. But it's that long since I've been to a non-league/junior type game that I'm fearful of flashbacks. ;-)