Friday, February 22, 2008

My Life Story

Just realised that I've had a 'Suzi moment' after clicking on the Marx and Coca-Cola blog.

Of course, I knew that yesterday was the 160th anniversary of Fred and Charlie's classic agit-prop pamphlet. I forgot to mention it on the blog because I just happened to be distracted by a minor mid nineties agit-pop classic.

Marx and Coca-Cola's JM provides the killer quote from said pamphlet, whilst I do a cut and paste job from Mike Leigh's classic late eighties film, 'High Hopes':

Later in the afternoon, CYRIL and SHIRLEY speed along their street on their bike. They overtake SUZI, who is scuttling along, carrying a large, bulging plastic bag. SHIRLEY waves to her as they pass. She waves back.

Moments later, as CYRIL and SHIRLEY alight, SUZI appears round the corner . . .

SUZI: (Saluting) Wotcher, comrades!

SHIRLEY: Hallo, Suzi!

SUZI: Long time no see.

SHIRLEY: You all right?

SUZI: Yeah, I been fine.

(CYRIL and SHIRLEY take off their helmets.)

Where you been?

CYRIL: Highgate Cemetery.

SUZI: Oh! Someone dead?

CYRIL: Yeah - Karl Marx.

(He walks off. SHIRLEY laughs.)

SUZI: Oh, yeah, 'course!

CYRIL: I'd 'ave thought you'd 'ave known that.

SUZI: I did know that - I just forgot.

(SHIRLEY and SUZI follow CYRIL towards their block of flats.)

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