Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Can You Guess Who It Is Yet?

Phutball Pheories

Some killer and/or off-kilter quotes:

  • "This is a sharp, smart, outstanding human being and he's just been sucked into that awful Premier League vacuousness. It's sad to see *** ***** bullshitting. But there you go. It happens." Who's talking? And who are they talking about? Click on the link.
  • "Just be done with it and give ***** ******* the player of the year awards now, both Scottish Football Writers' Association and that of his fellow professionals. It's shootie-in." Not too fussed by who said it. The bloke's a blowhard, but interesting to note who he is havering on about. This time last year, Reidski was incandescent with rage about the young chap but apparently he's now come good. And when you see the nifty bit of footwork he employed when setting up the third goal on Sunday, you have to wonder if it'll be Liverpool or Man Utd that will be his next destination. (Turns out that Sunday wasn't a one off. He's been known to make a habit of it. Only difference Sunday was that it resulted in a goal.)
  • ". . . . It's a nonsense idea. I am sure (Fifa) will never accept it because it's not good for football . . . In England, you already have no English coach, no English players and maybe now you will have no clubs playing in England. It's a joke." Somebody chipping into the 39 games debate, and going up in my estimation in the process. The bloke has class both on and off the pitch.

    Reidski said...

    I'm not the only who has been enraged by his performances until recent times. Watched and Ireland game few months back and - think it was Ronnie Whelan - commentator saying that he had to be taken off as he was having a howler.
    But, anyway, yes, the games I've seen this season, he's been by far our best and the game in Scotland's best player.
    As for the other two, just read the headline on the Evening Standard website for the first one - the writer is ex-Millwall, btw and was once photographed for a team photo with his tadger hanging out his shorts.
    And the third one is UEFA president and captain (I think) of the French side so cheated out of the 1982 World Cup by Harald Schumacher!

    Darren said...

    I like Dunphy. He's up himself, but he can back it up which always helps. (And he was immortalised in Roddy Doyle's The Van.)

    Aye, I knew the Millwall connection. I read 'Only a Game' years ago, and enjoyed it. Also read his biog of U2 about 20 years ago - my sister's copy - but all I can remember about the book was his radical re-interpretation of 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'.

    According to Dunphy, it wasn't about the Troubles but about Bono and Edge going to church on a Sunday morning. Like I care.

    With regards to the McGeady debate. Maybe he played so badly for the Republic, 'cos he shouldn't be playing for them in the fecking first place? Just a thought.

    Reidski said...

    On yer last point - agree 100%. He's a wee stupid plastic paddy idiot for playing for Ireland.
    It's like me saying I went to Spain on holiday once so I'm Spanish - bollocks, completely bollocks!

    Reidski said...
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