Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Phil Evans - Political Cartoonist

I'm forever getting hits on the blog from people searching for info on the brilliant political cartoonist, Phil Evans, but because of my novice blogging skills at the time they never get a taste of Evans's work, just the blurb about his work from this old post.

Therefore, to make amends, I thought I'd repost an example of his work on the blog again - with the appropriate post title this time - to ensure that future Phil-Evans-Seekers don't miss out.

I'm good like that.


Kevin Williamson said...

Indeed. But more to the point Celtic v Barcelona... whats the confident(?) prediction there?

(My other team did well tonight against Inter)

Darren said...

I'm afraid it will be a low scoring game. I'll put my neck out and predict that: 1) Celtic will win 1-0. 2) Derek Riordan won't be playing. 3) My 24 hour crash course in Rosetta Stone Spanish won't aid me in the slightest in understanding the commentary for the game on ESPN Deportes tomorrow night.

Thought Liverpool were lucky tonight. Materazzi shouldn't have been sent off, and I groaned when Pennant came on for Babel. Shows how much I know about football. ;-)

Kevin Williamson said...

You might be right. With 1) and 2).

Kevin Williamson said...

Meant 2) and 3) !!!!!

Kevin Williamson said...

I think you'll agree Darren that last comment of mine was quite eh prophetic... 2-3 indeed!

Darren said...


when I saw the score I rushed out to buy a hat, just so I could tip it to you sir.