Saturday, February 09, 2008

Resting, Not Absconding

The lack of picture in the top left hand of the blog is due to the fact that the World Socialist Movement website is currently down. I'd love to claim sabotage or an exceeded bandwidth has temporarily crippled the cause of impossibilist socialism, but it's probably more down to a "The cheque is in the post" type scenario.

In case some SPGB anoraks are suffering withdrawal symptoms, I thought I'd post an old Socialist Standard cover as a stop gap. It holds a special vice like grip on my heart, 'cos it was the first Socialist Standard I ever got my grubby little mitts on.

The little matter of a three line advert in the back pages of the New Musical Express, coupled with the mid-eighties being a shit time for music - "Mmm, will I read a three page article on the Age of Chance or write off for a introductory pack about a political party I've never heard of?" - led me to the fateful decision that day of dipping my toe into the murky waters of abstract propagandism. Falling in - and never learning to swim - I've been waving and drowning in equal measure ever since.

OK, I need to get back to working on that time machine to take me back to that fateful day in 1986 but, in the meantime, here's a couple of articles from the above issue and an mp3 from the same month that fuelled the teenage political angst:

  • 'Jewish Anarchists'
  • 'Bar Room Rebels'
  • The The - 'Heartland' mp3
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    Darren said...

    Timing is everything in life.

    I believe the picture on the left suddenly appeared back up on the page about 30 seconds after I posted this blog.