Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fade Away

I think I might have been onto something with this post on the blog from December of 2006. Recent and not so recent press reports suggests that there really is a connection between professional basketball and left-wing reformism:

  • An old YouTube clip that dates from 2005 but still fascinating nonetheless. Washington Wizard, Etan Thomas, speaks on the platform at an anti-war demo in Washington DC. An athlete speaking passionately and eloquently for seven minutes? Alan Shearer was unavailable for comment. Radical Sports journalist, Dave Zirin, has more on both Thomas and his speech.
  • Former NBA all-star Charles Barkley rips the Republicans a new one on CNN a few days back. A professional athlete speaking out in favour of gay marriage and being pro-choice? Robbie Fowler was unavailable for comment. More info on Barkley's politicking over at Huffington Post.
  • Today's Football Guardian carries an interview with Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns, the NBA's MVP for two out of the last three years, and contains this wee nugget of information:
    "Nash . . . disconcerted media outlets in the US by speaking out against the war in Iraq and by reading the Communist Manifesto and Alexander Solzhenitsyn . . . "

    An athlete reading The Communist Manifesto? Joey Barton was unavailable for comment.

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