Sunday, February 17, 2008

"I haven't felt that good . .

. . . since Nakamura scored that free kick against Man Utd."

Absolutely superb. Why football is the best sport in the world. Injury time throws up the little matter of the ref bottling the penalty decision before the Kop End, only for Brian Howard to pop up seconds later with that sweet shot in the left hand corner.

Submit the drama of the game as a spec script and 'Escape To Victory' would be considered social realism by comparison. Could not make it up . . . could not make it up.

The Gasheads for the cup.


JC said...

Gasheads ruined my weekend. But Saints were truly appalling....

Seán said...

Not so much a drama but more a tragedy: Lear without the fool. Oh no wrong again, Dirk Kuyt was playing as I remember.