Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yazoo's 'Don't Go' (Jonathan Ross Show,16.5.08)

I know I'm being arsey but I don't like to make a habit of posting too many You Tube embedded clips on the blog at any one time.

However, I have to make an exception for the following clip. Alison Moyet has still got it.


Anonymous said...

Cracking tune.

Imposs1904 said...

Wait up. You can't like Porg-rcok* and Yazoo. Were the Melody Makers Wars for 1979-81 all for nothing?

Cracking tune, indeed, but I'm greedy: I wish they'd also played 'Goodbye Seventies' as well. I love that song.

*Deliberately misspelt to ensure that no Porg-rcok fans find the blog.

Anonymous said...

Course I can. Can't think of a music genre I entirely hate. I'm as happy with Bach as the Beach Boys.

Imposs1904 said...


What's your favourite Deathgrind track? I've always had a soft spot for Pig Destroyer's 'Scatology Homework'.

Anonymous said...

There's no way I can out-geek you in the music stakes! I fold. Brilliant post on disco, by the way.

Nolan Micron said...

Oh Heck. You Bastard! As if the internet wasn't eating enough of my life already, you have to go and make a blog which looks pretty essential. I'll be back, fella.

jc said...

wow thanks for finding me darren! yazoo sounds better than ever! that reel to reel vince uses and alf's voice excite me only more for the US tour!
glad you like the radio show, the yazoo track i played is off the same album that "don't go" is on. "upstairs at eric's" a perfect listen from start to finish!