Monday, May 19, 2008

Denise Mina and Foot Fetishism

It's amazing what a google alert can sometimes throw your way. There's me - honest - on the look out for the New Yorker's belated review of the Garnethill Trilogy when what I get instead is a series of flickr pics from a photographer in Texas who recently photographed Denise Mina at a book signing.

Now, with regards to the title of the post, I'm not casting any aspersions on the motives of the photographer: I'm shamelessly going for the brilliant novelist/unhealthy obsession google market.

I can't be the only person who has Denise Mina on google alert, can I?


Kara said...

Interesting - right after we find out we're having a boy you come straight home and blog about Denise Mina's feet.
What is that telling us?

Darren said...

In fairness, we were told that they are never 100% certain with these Level 2 scans so I wanted to bide my time before mentioning it on the blog.

What is about Maddy and you spilling the details on the blog? You'll be telling my two loyal readers what we plan to call the baby next.