Thursday, May 22, 2008

Glasgow Celtic SPL Champions 2007/08

Too emotionally drained (and physically drenched) to write anything intelligible at the moment. Aberdeen proved me wrong. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU, Aberdeen. Celtic were nervous . . . and I'm thinking of renaming Reidski, 'The Nostradamus of New Cross'.

Nice touch with Strachan going up to the winners' podium with a mug of tea in his hand. Only the third Celtic manager in its history to win three titles on the trot. I hope the boo bhoys will take time out to think over that particular stat.

Just as importanly, that air of superiority that R*ngers had previously had with Walter Smith at the helm is now floating down the River Don. It'll still be difficult next season for Celtic but not as dangerous as I once thought.

I still think Riordan should have played a part.


J.J said...

Reidski's powers of prediction were going so well.

Until, that is, yesterday morning when the exact words of the text he sent me were:

"I now accept the fact that Celtic are going to fuck it up."

He knows nuffin!

Darren said...

I think that text message should be laminated and used against him at a later date. ;-)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Have to say that the news of the results last night made me cheer for you guys!

Highlander said...

Belated Congratulations - hated Rangers when I lived in Scotland and still do. (My Dad was from Dundee so my sympathies are ultimately with Dundee Utd but I will choose Celtic over Rangers every day of the week)

Darren said...


until Celtic the goal, Dundee Utd played really well. I think if they had a decent striker they'd be pushing Celtic and Rangers a lot more.

I was especially impressed with their midfield. Scottish football being Scottish football, I'd be surprised if a few of them will be at Tannadice at the start of next season.