Thursday, May 08, 2008

These Charming Men

A must have for every Smiths devotee out there.

Spinster's Rock has a 'This Charming Man' track for every day of the week (and one left over for just good measure).

The original single version will always be the definitive version for me, but if you love The Smiths that means you are a sad bastard completist. And Spinster's Rock post even includes the only ever official release of Troy Tate's production of 'This Charming Man'.

As I am in New York, I guess I should pass comment on the two extended 'New York' remixes of 'This Charming Man'? Mmm, not necessarily my cup of tea but now you know where the ideas for the Meat Is Murder track, 'Barbarism Begins At Home', came from.

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