Sunday, May 04, 2008

Caught between an episode of 30 rock and harry's place

Caught between wondering what my one American reader makes of all the posts about Hibs, Hearts and Parkhead heartaches and what my two British readers make of all the posts about Midwood, Midtown and Lucky Louie marathons.

But that's enough waffle to justify the post title. (Like this blog has three readers.)

Here's a couple of links: One from a Socialist in Chicago about Barack Obama and the continuing Reverend Wright fallout and one from London about a couple of SPGBers taking time out from their Hyde Park armchairs to attend Friday's London Assembly count:

  • From the WSPUS website: Obama, the Rev. Wright and hesitation
  • From the SPGB election blog, Vaux Populi: A day at the count
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