Friday, May 02, 2008

The Hawthorns Stadium Mystery

Granted, it's not on a par with the Arsenal Stadium Mystery but, because of my soft spot for this particular piece of brilliance that dates from my callow youth, I've always been intrigued by the Hawthorns Stadium Mystery.

Didn't you ever wonder what happened to the great West Brom side of the late seventies and early eighties? How did a team that included such class acts as Cyrille Regis, Bryan Robson, John Wile, Len Cantello, Tony Godden, Laurie Cunningham, Brendan Batson, Derek Statham, Peter Barnes, Tony and Ally Brown go from finishing 7, 6, 3 and 5 in the space of five years to being perennial mid-table mediocrities in the mid-eighties?

The official version is that the throstles got throttled when Ron Atkinson left to go to Old Trafford to mismanage Man Utd and when his great West Brom team broke up because of either retirements or big money transfers. However, I think the mystery has finally been solved and it's a music blogger, Any Major Dude, who has provided the photographic evidence.

Look at this panini sticker picture that dates from the early eighties. Who ate all the pies? Steve Mackenzie ate all the pies . . . and half of his team mates at West Brom by the look of that chin that he's hiding under his 'tash. How did he go from scoring the best goal in the 1981 FA Cup final to looking like Motorhead's roadie in the space of five years?

But it all makes sense now. I always wondered what happened to John Trewick after he left Hawthorns. Now I know: he never did leave West Brom.

PS - Also check out Any Major Dude's Perfect Pop - Volume 5 post. You can't go wrong with the Box Tops, Big Sound Authority, Thin Lizzy and Natalie Imbruglia.


gray said...

apropos mysteries....Is that you patting Jack Fitzgerald on the shoulder? And I wonder how Fitz and Coleman would have got on. (all of this will be lost on non-spgbers of ourse)

Darren said...

Honest Gray, it's not me. I missed that branch meeting.

Fitzgerald and Coleman? Not sure that's right comparison. If you're wanting fireworks, then surely it would be Coleman and Anderson? (Not sure if Anderson's in that picture.)

A week from now people will wonder what this exchange is about. It's not my intention to keep the picture as a header (it's too big for a start.) Just playing about with then template before I get around to sorting out all the links again.