Friday, May 23, 2008

Hobbesian Choice

For all that I truly admire Bill Waterson for his steadfast and principled refusal to cave into the cash cow that would be the merchandising of his wonderful Calvin & Hobbes comic strip, looking through various websites tonight with Kara, I couldn't help but wish once again that he would cave in a little and sanction some limited releases. Just for kids, mind; adults can continue to settle for the pirated versions of the Calvin & Hobbes genius doing the rounds on a street corner near you.

Thought we'd lucked out on a compromise when we stumbled across the brilliant T shirt pictured below on the bottom right (the original is on the left) but it turns out that the smallest size available is 29-31 chest (inches).

How many times do you have to put that on boil wash before it shrinks down to a size comfortable for ages 3-6 months? We've got about 4 1/2 months to come up with a definitive answer.

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